Five Steps to Deciding How Much to Offer (Or Ask) For Your Home

One of the hardest, most important decisions home buyers face is how much to offer for their home.  And the WEALTH of information on the web about real estate only makes buyers even crazier than the decision itself does

What to Inspect When Visiting a House for the First Time

Purchasing a home can be a long and challenging task. You have to start saving money long before you actually become capable of purchasing a real estate property. Once you are ready, your next three months are packed with excitement, planning, stress, and then finally the big payoff.

Tips for Buying an Investment Property from Seaboard Properties

Buying an investment property with hopes of making income from rent or flipping the home for a profit is a somewhat different process than buying a home to live in. Often buying a home for flipping involves a quick transaction with cash or a ready to use line of credit used to purchase the home.